Vision Systems / Multisensing Machines

As the need for high-accuracy, non-contact measurement increases, Hammond Company offers vision systems with high-speed and high-accuracy for precision measurements delivering optimal metrology solutions.  Hammond Company offers full line of quality vision systems to meet crucial manufacturing demands. Experience the manufacturing process benefits of improved productivity, reliability, and accuracy with a vision system from Hammond Company.

Hammond Company is the exclusive Wisconsin vision system distributor for Optical Gaging Products, Certified Comparator Products, VIEW Engineering, and RAM Optical Instrumentation, providing you with the most efficiency and expertise when expediting, warranty, and technical service issues arise. Partner with Hammond Company for complete metrology system solutions.

View our line of trusted vision systems below for more details and specifications.

Optical Gaging Products- Vision Systems

OGP® offers precision non-contact and multisensor coordinate measuring systems used for dimensional inspection.

 OPG Vision Systems Quest

SmartScope Quest Multi Sensor Measurement Systems

SmartScope Quest multi sensor machines are highly accurate measurement systems utilizing a variety of sensor technologies for metrology professionals. Every SmartScope Quest Multi Sensor Measurement Systems is designed to deliver optimal three-dimensional measurements. The SmartScope Quest vision systems provide the perfect balance between powerful capabilities and ease of use. Contact a Hammond Company Representative for more features and benefits of the SmartScope Quest Measurement Systems.

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 OPG Zip Vision Systems

SmartScope ZIP Systems

SmartScope ZIP® video measurement systems provide enhanced imaging with improved featured including a new digital camera and all-LED illumination. With an innovative ergonomic joystick, the SmartScope ZIP® video measurement systems provide stage control and other important operational controls right at hand. SmartScope ZIP multisensor systems feature contact and non-contact probes which deploy and retract under program control for fully automatic operation. Contact a Hammond Company Representative for more features and benefits of the SmartScope Zip Vision Systems.

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 SmartScope Flash Systems

SmartScope Flash Systems offers optimal automatic general purpose three dimensional measurements. With a variety of top of the line features like innovative solid state illumination sources, color camera, and Measure-X® metrology software, the SmartScope Flash System is becoming the choice for metrology measurement. Contact a Hammond Company Representative for more benefits of the SmartScope Flash Vision Systems.

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 SNAP vision system

 SNAP Digital Measuring Machine

Experience increased productivity with the SNAP Full Function Digital Measuring Machine. The SNAP digital measuring machine allows you to easily accomplish accurate complex measurments. SNAP Digital Measuring Machines may be the most productive machine in your shop. Contact your Hammond Company Representative for more information on the benefits of the SNAP digital measuring machines.

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SmartScope Specialist vision system

SmartScope Specialist

SmartScope Specialist 300 offers precision dimensional metrology with minimal measurement uncertainty. Built with its patented "elevating bridge" design with ample 300x300x250mm measuring volume, the SmartScope Specialist vision system is still able to easily fit on a benchtop. Not only does the SmartScope Specialist Vision system provide superb optics for measuring the most critical and demanding parts, it also offers multisensor capabilities making it the ideal medical device and instrument measurement system. Contact a Hammond Company vision system representative for more details on the SmartScope Specialist Vision System.

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SmartScope Apex

Special Purpose Vision Systems

The SmartScope Special Purpose Systems are designed for applications needing a system with exceptional optical capabilities. These Special Purpose Visions Systems offer all the features and benefits of other high accuracy measuring systems at a reasonable price and plenty of advanced optional accessories. Contact Hammond Company for more details on these Special Purpose Vision Systems.

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Hammond Company delivers multi-sensor measurement solutions for manufacturing professionals by providing a full line of quality vision systems to meet industry demands. Contact Hammond Company today for information about our vision system sales, vision system calibrations, vision system inspections, or other metrology precision gaging products and services.